Lawn Sprinkler Repair Tips

Sprinklers are brilliant inventions, and they can be incredibly handy for busy garden owners. However, when they go wrong they can be very frustrating – either they’ll stop firing and you’ll find that your lawn dries out while you’re on holiday, or they’ll start soaking your lawn with water because of a broken pipe.

One of the most common issues is for sprinkler heads themselves to get broken – perhaps your lawnmower damaged them, or a pet has somehow managed to break it. The good news is this is quite a simple lawn sprinkler repair, and one that you can do at home yourself.

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To fix a broken sprinkler head, you will first need to find the one that is broken, and then dig a hole around the broken head so that you can extract it. Figure out whether it’s just the head that’s broken, or the surrounding pipe. Cut the pipe close to the broken head, and remove it, then pip the new head in place, and backfill the hole, then smooth it off.

If the sprinkler system is not working efficiently, then it could be that it is clogged. Again, this is a relatively easy repair. There should be screens on each nozzle that will trap debris. You can remove those screens then run the sprinklers for a few minutes to flush the system. Keep the sprinkler running until all the nozzles are running clear and the stream of water is debris free. Then turn off the water and leave the sprinklers set off for a while so that the lawn can dry out – you don’t want to keep soaking it! This repair is best done in the warm weather.

More complex lawn sprinkler repair jobs might require you to call out an expert. If a large section of pipe is broken, for example, then they might be able to fix it more efficiently than you can, and with minimal damage to the lawn. Remember that sprinkler systems do usually come with warranties, so if your sprinklers aren’t working you should call the manufacturer before you start contacting lawn sprinkler installation or repair companies. You could save a lot of money by getting your repairs done by the company that sold you the sprinklers in the first place, and they’re more likely to know if you’re dealing with a common problem with the brand.

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Digital marketing expert, blogger and freelancer, husband & father. I love what I am doing.