Alcoholic Beverage Licensing In Texas

The Texas alcoholic beverage commission licensing process can be quite lengthy in some situations as well as a little frustrating when trying to do it alone. Fortunately, there is help available through the commission itself when it comes to texas liquor license. The division handles all phases of application processes and investigations regarding the sale, manufacturing, distribution and other areas of the alcoholic beverage industry. It was and still is, extremely important to have this division in place for ensuring that applicants are qualified to legally possess the permits and licenses to operate legally in the state of Texas.

Roughly one hundred thousand or more individuals and organizations apply for these permits and licenses on a yearly basis. Due to that fact, the processes are very thorough to make sure that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

It is recommended that applicants turn to their local TABC (Texas alcoholic beverage commission) office as the best source for instructions and assistance. In the event that you have very important questions that must be answered before applying, you can rest assured that their office is more than willing and able to give you answers that you can actually rely on for a successful outcome.

The TABC office has a website that provides the same current forms, instruction manuals and various other documentation that is required to begin, follow-through with and complete the process of becoming a legitimate licensed alcohol handler on any level of the industry.

The information provided by this division is not limited to only the forms and instructions made available to applicants, there are also a number of guides and handbooks that have been prepared and made available for entities that help enforce and manage the industry in Texas. The additional documentation that has been made available includes the following:

– Retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers will find “The Industry Guide” quite useful.

– County Judges can rest more comfortably because there is a handbook available for them to follow and consult when dealing with industry situations that are brought before their bench.

– County clerk’s even have a guide to make their jobs a lot more efficient.

– Collectors and tax assessors can take advantage of the guide that has been made available for them as well. There is even tax assessor collector information available to reduce errors in the process of their jobs.

Feel free to contact the division for any information that you may need to become a legitimate alcohol handler in the state of Texas.

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