Save Jimbo

Saturday, November 14, 2009
from noon to 1pm
at the Virginia Key Toll Booth
If you want to participate in a civil and polite demonstration at the Virginia Key toll booth on Saturday, November 14th at noon, pass the word that it’s time for all good friends of Jimbo to stand up and be counted.

Stand Up For Jimbo – Stop The $5 Fee
Date: Saturday, November 14, 2009
Time: noon to 1pm
Location: Virginia Key Toll Booth

Suggestion: Bring a sign that says “Save Jimbos” or “No Fee For Jimbo’s”

Afterwards: Volunteer Cleanup
Jimbo’s friends will volunteer to clean up the area around the shrimp shack and have a small celebration.


Jimbo says, “You’re Killing Me!”

take a few moments to help
“the friendliest man on earth”

To All Friends of Jimbo,The city of Miami is once again charging a fee of $5 to every car that passes the toll gate on Virginia Key, including those of us going to Jimbo’s.

Jimbo144FThis could soon spell the death of Jimbo’s as we know it. Are you willing to help?

Years ago, when the city started charging a fee to use the beach at Virginia Key, we had to lobby very hard to make an exception for Jimbo’s customers. After all, it made no sense for fishermen to visit Jimbo’s for a dozen bait shrimp which cost $1 when they had to pay $5 to get past the toll booth.

Now the City Of Miami’s manager, Pedro Hernandez, has cancelled the exemption for Jimbo’s customers to pass the toll gate freely. Most likely, he does not understand the long legacy of Jimbo’s place in the community and how injurious a fee can be to Jimbo’s meager business.

The sign now says “$5 Entrance Fee, no exceptions.”

The road to Virginia Key is very popular with bicyclists now, but there are virtually no cars. Bicycles pay nothing. Cars pay $5. Jimbo’s business is decimated. Perhaps this is a not-so-clever way to drive Jimbo out of business.

Yes, times are tough for all of us. I doubt that charging of a $5 fee to visit Jimbo’s will make a difference in balancing Miami’s budget, but it will stop most people from visiting Jimbo’s. The net result will be very little money for the city, but a critical loss of business for our good friend Jimbo.

If you care about Jimbo’s, perhaps you’ll take a moment and share your concerns about this policy and the detrimental effects it may have on his business. Please write a short note to the city manager, the mayor and the commissioners of the city of Miami to ask them politely to reconsider the very limited income that might be lost at the toll gate versus the viability of one of Miami’s most historic and storied establishments.

Hopefully, some common sense can be brought to light in this matter and city officials will reconsider this policy instituted recently.

Thank you!

Robert A. Burr
An old friend of Jimbo