Jimbo’s The Documentary

Running Roots Productions presents “Jimbo’s The Documentary”

Andrew Petersen and Alex Ray’s documentary about Jimbo’s Place tells the story of Jimbo and why he has so many friends.

Jimbo’s the Documentary celebrates one of Miami’s oldest hangouts and tells the story of the man behind this local landmark. The beauty of his end-of-the-road shack, surrounded by the bustling city of Miami, is seen in part through Jimbo’s eyes as every aspect of nature is treasured.

With its famous smoked fish, one-dollar beers, and wide variety of people simply having a good time, Jimbo’s is a place where locals feel at home and newcomers are always welcome. A world-renowned setting for photographers, filmmakers and artists, it has been a location for movie and television productions such as The Creature From the Black Lagoon, Flipper, Porky’s, Wild Things, and more.

This documentary shows how much Jimbo’s has become a part of people’s lives and how it is now being threatened by development. Become part of this special place as you experience Jimbo’s the Documentary.

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