Jimbo Luznar“The Friendliest
Man On Earth”

Jimbo Luznar is a man. And Jimbo’s Shrimp Shack is a place. And Jimbo’s Place is… a state of mind.

It’s simply the last place at the end of the road where everyone is welcome, from kings and politicians to working folks and the salt of the earth.

Jimbo’s is not a bar; but you can buy ice cold beer there.

It’s not a restaurant or a convenience store; but you can buy the best smoked fish you ever tasted there.

It’s not a marina, but you can pull your boat up to this natural, eco-friendly location anytime and just hang out.

Come by car or come by boat. Come by jetski or parachute in. Play bocce ball, have a picnic, enjoy some smoked fish and cold beer; watch a movie being made, or a photo shoot; or just hang out and relax.

On the weekends, the bocce ball court gets pretty active. You might even challenge Jimbo to a game, but don’t count on winning…

CLOSED – we’re sad to announce that we’re officially closed. But you all still remain in our hearts! To remember us, Blue Bee Printing has decided to help out by providing Blue Bee square stickers as memorabilia for Jimbo’s! Get your sticker printing done today!


Jimbo’s Place on Virginia Key is…

Bocce Ball, Cold Beer, Smoked Fish and friends, relaxing in the shade with a cool breeze.

Fishermen: Jimbo has frozen shrimp bait.

If he isn’t smoking some fish or playing bocce on the clay court, Jimbo might be sitting in the shade enjoying the company of friends. Since 1954, he’s been here hosting everyone from celebrities, big shots and politicians to good friends, neighbors and regular folks. Everyone’s welcome.

It ain’t easy to find… wanna see a map?

Jimbo’s — The Documentary
Think you know the real story of how Jimbo came to be located on Virginia Key? Here’s a link to the documentary that tells Jimbo’s story.

The Most Popular “Location” In Miami
Music video shoots, models and photographers, television shows and motion pictures are shot on location at Jimbo’s every week. A horror film named Island Claws in 1980 built the infamous shacks and left them there. Among the notables are:

Island Claws, Blood and Wine, Wild Things, Porky’s II, Ace Ventura, True Lies, 2 Fast 2 Furious

Flipper, Gentle Ben, Miami Vice, Glades, Going To California, Karen Sisco, CSI Miami, Burn Notice

Ziggy Marley, JayLo, Who Let The Dogs Out, Sugar Ray

Maria Carey’s first album cover, Jisel, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell